• Enjoy an active summer

Weekly program in wintertime
Fun, fun, fun
  • Saturday: Welcome and romantic "Hoangascht" with campfire and mulled wine in the front garden of the hotel
  • Sunday: guest biathlon in the biathlon Lärchenhof
  • Monday: curling and trial riding
    Torchlight hike with mulled wine break
    Culinary theme evening with many specialties
  • Wednesday: Sleigh ride and toboggan evening - get-together with kettle fire and mulled wine
  • Thursday: horse sleigh ride for house guests "after notice
    Fondue evening with house music
  • Friday: Culinary specialty evening
    NEW: evening sauna with baked apple infusion
    Snowman building with many great prices and NEW: family snow day
Weekly program in summertime
An adventure a day

Every day at the Gut Hanneshof you can look forward to an exciting and eventful program that guarantees that the fun will not be forgotten:

  • Saturday: Welcome and information evening with riding lessons
  • Monday: Herb walk in Erpfendorf and Schnuppergolf at Golfclub Lärchenhof
    Theory lesson for riders and play afternoon for children
    Culinary themes evening depending on the season
  • Tuesday: Day trips in the region (individual)
  • Wednesday: Horse-drawn carriage ride (weather permitting) and team driving in the hall
  • Thursday: guest biathlon in the riding hall
    Culinary theme evening with house music
  • Friday: Presentation of the guest horses and painting and drawing competition for children
    Culinary theme evening
  • NEW: Climbing in the Griesbachklamm
Further events in Erpfendorf

An adventure a day